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[h1]Security Title[/h1]
[h3]Arrowhead & Bell Center[/h3]

Want to know why we have the BEST escrow officers in the Valley? Well, watch and find out.
At TonyScardina.com, I offer free, quality information to assist you in becoming a better and more efficient Realtor or lender. As your Marketing Manager, I have provided you with links and documents that are most used and requested by my clients.


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  • WeMAR 2013 Affiliate Director.
  • WeMAR 2013 Director for Sparkling Nights.
  • Founder WeMAR Motor Sports Group.
  • Woman’s Council of Realtors® Affiliate of the year 2009.
  • 2 time winner of the WCR Star Award.
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  • Custom property profile
  • Customized Listing kits – Buyers and Sellers Guides
  • 60 Day late Leads and Rental leads available.
  • Walking Farms
  • For Sale By Owner Handbooks
  • Off Site or after hours signing/closing available upon request.
  • Customized lead searches for agents as well as lenders.
  • Full farm info available 27×7 to you from Title Pro 247 @ www.titleprofile.com
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Keith Judish Realtor GRI, Keller Williams Realty, Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Tony excels in his field where others may fall short of expectation. I will work with him again in the future. To coin a phrase “he gets all of my business” would be a given… www.askokeith.com” .[client_name]Keith Judish[/client_name]

Cathy Wilder Realtor, Award Realty “He is a good guy whose help is only a phone call away. He has always given what he promised and never promised what he can’t. I have never heard anyone give a negative comment about his service.” .[client_name]Cathy Wilder[/client_name]

John Rucidlo Associate Broker, West USA Realty Arrowhead “Tony is a great guy, over the years he has provided me and my business partners, Educational opportunities and money saving tips that has helped me in my business. [client_name]John Rucidlo[/client_name]
Patrick Rapps Mortgage Broker, Cherry Creak Mortgage “Tony and Security Title came through after 7 PM on a holiday weekend – electronic documents could not be opened by the transaction’s signing agent on the east coast – Tony was able to get the issue corrected in the space of 2 hours! Closing proceeded as planned ON TIME”[client_name]Patrick Rapps[/client_name]