Women's Council of REALTORS

Hello Friends,

After attending a class today with the WCR http://www.wcr.org/   I listened to a speaker put the 3 word below into a deeper meaning in my mind.

The term he used was the VCR approach.

1, Visibility:   Be “seen” at marketing events

2, Credibility:   Have creditability “Someone that can say yes, I know he or she can do the job!”

3, Reliability:   Be able to back up that referral from the creditable source and show your client you are #1 in your business.


After some extensive Goggling of this term I could not come up with the person who coined the term to give them credit in this blog. 


OK, on to the next thought. I have been in sales for some time now and it seems to be that if you want to be the best you can be at all times you need to read the sales books and go to the sales seminars. “ Not all the time but one a quarter I feel helps me” I like the free ones for sure….you get that quick refresher that we all need.


As for all of the other great things I may be thinking come back soon and see what I have to say!